The Animal Tag Tools Team is working hard to populate the individual web pages for the Import Tools. They will be available shortly. Please revisit this page at a later date.

change_fnames Change the names of files in a directory.
csv2struct Read a CSV metadata file and convert it into a metadata structure.
read_csv Read data from CSV file.
sens_struct Generate a sensor structure from a sensor data vector or matrix.
sens2var Extract data from a sensor structure.
Not a function, but just for reference: sensor_names.csv Table of sensor names, definitions & labels for use with the Import tools
strip_quotes Remove bracketing double quotes from string or cell array containing strings.
add_nc Add a variable to a NetCDF archive file.
load_nc Load variables from a NetCDF archive file.
save_nc Save one or more variables to a NetCDF archive file.

Several Tag Manufacturer's and End Users have kindly offered the Tag Tools team datasets for use in the Tag Tools Workshops. The Tag Tools team has been working hard to develop readers, translaters or wrapper functions for different tag output formats. All reader functions output data into a common NetCDF data storage structure.

Manufacturer Tag Function Description Matlab Octave R Other
Greeneridge Sciences, Inc. Acousonde read_acousonde Read in Acousonde data Under development, coming soon!
CATS CATS read_cats Read data files from a CATS data Logger. This function generates a netCDF file. Under development, coming soon!
read_cats_csv Read a CSV file with sensor data from a CATS tag. Under development, coming soon!
Wildbyte Technologies DailyDiary read_dd Read in Daily Diary data Under development, coming soon!
Wildlife Computers TDR-MK10DD read_tdr10dd_csv Read in TDR-MK10 Daily Diary data Under development, coming soon!
Sound & Movement Tags DTag read_d3 Read in DTag data Under development, coming soon!
Little Leonardo 3MPD3GT read_ll3m Read in data from Little Leonardo 3MPD3GT Under development, coming soon!
Loggerhead Instruments OpenTag readOpen Read in data from OpenTags Under development, coming soon!

Tools for converting between one manufacturer's tag from to anothers.

Tag Function Description Matlab Octave R Other
Little Leonardo ll3m2dtag Convert backwards & forwards between Little Leonardo 3MPD3GT sensor frame and DTag sensor frame T Under development, coming soon
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