Sensor data format (structure)

The basic structure for sensor data is displayed below & includes the following fields. Output is displayed as in Matlab / Octave.

% Matlab / Octave output

>> A = 

  struct with fields:

                  data: [1172115×3 double]
              sampling: 'regular'
         sampling_rate: 32
    sampling_rate_unit: 'Hz'
                 depid: 'mn12_186a'
         creation_date: '24-Jul-2017 12:40:14'
               history: 'read_ll3m'
                  name: 'A'
             full_name: 'Acceleration'
           description: 'triaxial acceleration'
                  unit: '1'
             unit_name: 'counts'
            unit_label: 'counts'
           column_name: 'x,y,z'
                 frame: 'tag'
                  axes: 'FRU'
                 files: '20120704-57537-Mn-XXXX-U-NoName-Acceleration…'

Sensor data fields

Sensor data field names have been chosen to be self explanatory; however, a more detailed description of fields can be found in the following table.

Sensor name Field Names Description
P, A, M, G, S, POS, T or LL data sensor data, either as a matrix (n by ns) or array (n by1) depending on number sensor channels
sampling Specifies how the sensor data is sampled. 'regular' for regular sampling, i.e. constant sample interval or 'irregular' for data with an irregualar or inconsitent sample interval
sampling_rate Sampling rate, or 1/sample interval
sampling_rate_unit Sampling unit, e.g. Hz
depid Deployment ID, e.g. mn12_186a. This is used to identify all records / data related to a praticular deployment
history Processing chain history for current data. This will include the name of the functions from which the data were derived. For example if you have just imported the file history field will contain the name of the import tool used to create the data structure in this case read_ll3m
name Abbreviated sensor name, e.g. 'A'
full_name Full sensor name, e.g. 'Accelerometer'
description Sensor description, e.g. 'triaxial acceleration'
unit_name Engineering units, e.g. 'counts'
unit_label Unit label
column_name Data column names, e.g. 'x,y,z'
frame Data frame, 'tag' or 'animal' frame.
axes Axis map, e.g. 'FRU' i.e. 'Front, Right & Up'
files List of files used to generate the sensor data structure

Sensor data output

% Matlab / Octave output. Command displays the first 10 rows of accelerometer data (x,y,z axes)


ans =

    8.5263    4.4584    2.0690
    8.4906    4.3222    2.3321
    8.5974    4.2704    1.8021
    8.7186    4.2414    0.8304
    8.7263    4.2204    0.2391
    8.5999    4.3505    0.5508
    8.4265    4.7551    1.4347
    8.3038    5.3248    2.0671
    8.2610    5.7892    2.0696
    8.2566    6.0020    1.8019

Sensor names, axes & units

The Sensor definition table (sensor_names.csv) lives in the I/O toolbox, this contains definitions for the following Sensors by default, but it can be edited & updated by the user to include novel sensors.

Sensor name (name)Abbreviated name (abbrev) Description (description) Number of axes (axes) Units (def_units)Units name (def_unit_name) Units Label (def_label)Frame (def_frame)Axes (def_axes)Data columns (def_cols)
PressurePdive depth1m H2Ometers H2O (salt)metersD
DepthPdive depth1m H2Ometers H2O (salt)metersD
AltitudePaltitude above sea-level1mmeters above sea-levelmetersU
AccelerationAtriaxial acceleration3m/s2meters per seconds squaredm/s2tagFRU“x,y,z”
MagnetometerMtriaxial magnetometer3uTmicro TeslaμTtagFRU“x,y,z”
GyroscopeGtriaxial gyroscope3rads/sradians per secondrads/stagFRU“x,y,z”
SpeedSspeed with respect to medium1m/smeters per secondm/sF
PositionPOSGPS position2degreesdecimal degreesdegreesWGS84NE“lat,long”
TemperatureTtemperature1degrees Cdegrees Celsius°C
LightLLlight level1luxluxlux

Metadata is stored in a comma separated file (csv) that is machine readable by text editors, Office packages as a spreadsheet and Matlab, Octave and R. In Matlab, Octave & R it may be stored as a data structure info.

info data structure

Page under construction. Information may change!

Info data output

% Matlab / Octave output

info = 

  struct with fields:

                             depid: 'bp12_196a'
                       data_source: '20120714-57536-Bp-Fxxx-U-Nameless-Acceleration-X.TXT,20120714-57536-Bp-Fxxx-U-Nameless-Acceleration-Y.TXT,20120714-57536-Bp-Fxxx-U-Nameless-Acceleration-Z.TXT,20120714-57536-Bp-Fxxx-U-Nameless-Compass-X.TXT,20120714-57536-Bp-Fxxx-U-Nameless-Compass-Y.TXT,20120714-57536-Bp-Fxxx-U-Nameless-Compass-Z.TXT,20120714-57536-Bp-Fxxx-U-Nameless-Depth.TXT,20120714-57536-Bp-Fxxx-U-Nameless-Propeller.TXT,20120714-57536-Bp-Fxxx-U-Nameless-Temperature.TXT'
                       data_nfiles: 9
                       data_format: 'csv'
                     device_serial: '57536'
                       device_make: 'Little Leonardo, Japan'
                       device_type: 'Archival'
                 device_model_name: 'UWE-3MPD3GT'
              device_model_version: 'W2000'
                        device_url: ''
                      sensors_list: '3 axis Accelerometer,3 axis Magnetometer,Pressure,Temperature,Speed'
              dephist_device_tzone: 'UTC -4'
             dephist_device_regset: 'dd-mm-yyyy HH:MM:SS'
     dephist_device_datetime_start: '14-Jul-2012 12:35:01'
                  sensors_firmware: 'Not specified'
                  sensors_software: 'Not specified'
             animal_species_common: 'Fin whale'
            animal_species_science: 'Balaenoptera physalus'
               animal_database_url: ''
           dephist_deploy_locality: 'Mingan Islands, Anticosti & surrounding sea areas, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada. (UTC -4).'
       dephist_deploy_location_lat: NaN
       dephist_deploy_location_lon: NaN
     dephist_deploy_datetime_start: '14-Jul-2012 13:39:10'
             dephist_deploy_method: 'Suction cups'
                      project_name: 'SENSES2011'
            project_datetime_start: '01-Jul-2011'
              project_datetime_end: '01-Jan-2016'
                     provider_name: 'René Swift'
                  provider_details: 'Sound & Movement Tags Group, SMRU, University of St. Andrews'
                    provider_email: ''
                  provider_license: 'Contact data provider'
                     provider_cite: 'Contact data provider'
                      provider_doi: 'Contact data provider'
                        udm_export: 1
                udm_depid_original: '20120714-57536'
                udm_datetime_units: 'UTC'
      udm_dephist_release_datetime: '2012-07-14 19:00:59'
           udm_dephist_release_lat: NaN
           udm_dephist_release_lon: NaN
    udm_dephist_retrieval_datetime: '2012-07-14 19:03:49'
         udm_dephist_retrieval_lat: NaN
         udm_dephist_retrieval_lon: NaN
                   udm_animal_name: 'Nameless'
                    udm_animal_sex: 'Unknown'
                      magfield_lon: -64.1000
                      magfield_lat: 50.1000
                     creation_date: '05-Jul-2018 12:04:43'

Info data fields

Field Help / Description Example
info.depid Deployment ID eg.mn12_126a, Used to link tag metadata to tag data mn12_186a Source data file or files name, e.g. mn14_35a.dtg or mn12_126a.obj. mn12_186a.obj Date time of creation/modification of the meta data document. 2017-06-24 09:29:30 Number of source files. 1

Device information

Field Help / Description Example of source data files eg. CSV, BIN, WAV, DTG, OBJ, TXT. Data derived. OBJ
info.device.serialDevice serial number.57537
info.device.makeDevice manufacturer.Little Leonardo
info.device.typeType of device can only take the following values: archival pop-up satellite acoustic tag or acoustic receiver.Archival
info.device.modelModel name and version e.g. 3MPD3GT-W2000 or D4W3MPD3GT-W2000
info.device.urlURL to tag model specifications.

Sensor information

Field Help / Description Example
info.sensors.firm Device firmware version. Not specified
info.sensors.soft Software off loader version in case there are known issues with a particular version that should be taken into account Not specified
info.sensors.list List of sensors on each tag e.g. Pressure, Temperature, Light, Fluorescence, Position (Argos, GPS Geo-location) Sonar – pull down menu tick box. Data derived ‘3axis Accelerometer’, ‘3 axis Magnetometer’,’Pressure’,’Speed’, ‘Temperarature’

Deployment information

Tag & Animal information
Field Help / Description
info.animal.idCatalogue ID, Band ID or Flipper Tag ID. OptionalUnknown
info.animal.species.commonCommon or vernacular name for speciesHumpback whale
info.animal.species.scienceScientific nameMegaptera novaeangliae
info.animal.dbase.urlURL to organisation holding photo-id, tag & release data, linked to animal id. Required if is filled in
Timezone & Time information
Field Help / Description Example
info.dephist.device.tzoneTime zone of device (+- HRS UTC). -4
info.dephist.device.regsetRegional settings for device specifically date formatdd/mm/yyyy HH:MM:SS
info.dephist.device.datetime.start Device start date and time, this may be different to the deployment datetime2012-07-04 07:59:01
Locality information
Field Help / Description Example
info.dephist.deploy.localityLocality State/Territory Country of DeploymentMingan Islands, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec, Canada
info.dephist.deploy.location.latLatitude of Deployment (-90s to +90N decimal degrees) 50.1748123
info.dephist.deploy.location.lonLongitude of Deployment (-180W to +180E decimal degrees) -64.0737686
info.dephist.deploy.datetime.startUTC Date & Time of Deployment2012-07-04 12:42:21
info.dephist.deploy.methodDescribe how the tag was attached (e.g. glued, implanted, suction cups).Suction cup

Project information

Field Help / Description Example
info.project.nameProject NameSENSES-2012
info.project.datetimeStart & End time for all project related deployments2012-06-01 : 2012-10-01

Provider information

Field Help / Description Example
info.provider.nameName of data provider / license holderRené Swift
info.provider.detailsAffiliation etcSea Mammal Research Unit
info.provider.emailEmail of data
info.provider.licenseDescribe the data provider restrictions to data access and distribution. ODC-ODbl, CC-byContact data provider

Citation information

Field Help / Description Example
info.provider.citeCitation to be used in publications Contact data provider
info.provider.doiDOI for dataContact data provider
info.udm.exportBinary switch specifying if the User wants their user defined meta-data to published along with the rest of standard metadata. 1
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