Compute heading, field intensity and inclination angle

a = absorption(f,T,d) % Matlab & Octave
a <- absorption(f, T, d) # R

Absorption coefficient for sound in seawater.

Input var Description Default value
f is frequency in Hz Hz
T is temperature, degrees C Celsius
d is depth in meters m
Output var Description Units
a is the sound absorption in dB per meter. db/m
  1. Input arguments can be scalars, or a mixture of vectors and scalars as long as each argument is either a vector of length nx1 (with n being the same for all vector arguments) or a scalar.
  2. After Kinsler and Frey pp. 159-160

Matlab & Octave

a = 0.0435 % dB


absorption(140e3, 13, 10)
a = 0.04354982 # dB

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