Constants toolbox

The Animal Tags Constants Toolbox consists of a series of functions used to calculate a variety of useful constant values. Functions in this toolbox are listed in the table below, with an indication of their current development status.

Function Description Matlab Octave R Other
absorption Absorption coefficient for sound in seawater Under development
acc_wgs84 Total acceleration due to gravitational and centripetal force at the earth's surface according to the WGS84 international gravity formula Under development
cst2hms.R Convert a time in CST to hours min sec local time cst2hms_or_datenum.R Under development
cst2hms_or_datenum.m Convert a time in CST to hours min sec local time or a matlab serial date number indicating local time. cst2hms.R Under development
depth2pressure Convert depth (in meters) to pressure in Pascals Under development
julian_day Convert between dates and Julian day numbers Under development
mean_absorption Calculate the mean absorption in salt water over a frequency range Under development
sound_speed Sound speed estimate using Coppens equation Under development


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