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Welcome to the Animal Tags Tools Wiki, where you can find help & support for the Animal Tags Toolbox functions created for tag users by tag developers & users. For more information & links see our Table of Contents below.

Frequently used words

Currently tools have been written and tested in Matlab, GNU Octave, and R, the tagTools team is working hard to ensure that the tagTools are available in other languages such as Python and are looking for users to help port the tagTools to other languages. If you can help please contact the tagTools team.

Learn more about the different types of Software the Animal Tag Tools are designed to run on.

Tag tools are broadly categorised by functionality and have been written to be tag & species agnostic, except for those functions that are required for reading in tag specific formats.

I/O Toolbox

Input / Output toolbox ( I/O Toolbox) for importing tag specific data formats into a common NetCDF data storage strucure.

Processing toolbox

Statistical toolbox

Case Studies


Information about upcoming Tag Tools workshops can be found here.

HELP! Please refer to the FAQ's section before emailing We will aim to deal with all help requests as quickly as possible, but please also understand that all of us have full time jobs that take us on field work to remote locations.

BUG REPORTS! Email with “Bug Report” in the subject area.

FEEDBACK! The comunity behind the Animal Tags welcomes all feedback. Email with “Feedback” in the subject area.

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