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   -[[:​tagwiki:​help:​octave:​installation|Octave Installation]]   -[[:​tagwiki:​help:​octave:​installation|Octave Installation]]
-  -[[:​tagwiki:​help:​octave:​autoload|Automatically loading packages]] ​+  ​-[[:​tagwiki:​help:​octave:​disppkg|Find out which packages you have installed]]  
 +  ​-[[:​tagwiki:​help:​octave:​autoload|Automatically loading ​installed ​packages]] ​
   -[[:​tagwiki:​help:​octave:​addpath|Adding the tag tools folder to your path]]   -[[:​tagwiki:​help:​octave:​addpath|Adding the tag tools folder to your path]]
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